So this pic is about 4 months old, but it’s out most recent pic as a family.

Wow. I have a blog. It’s official. This seems like something I should’ve done a long time ago and something I never thought I would do all at the same time. I’m really not sure I’ll have much of anything interesting to say, but I hope to have a record of some pretty awesome moments as a Wife, Mom and Friend. I often look forward to nap time. Does that make me a bad Mom? It’s my time to myself. To have quiet time with the Lord, to try out a new recipe(one of my favorite things to do) or…ok, I’ll admit it, take a nap myself!! Who knows how much longer I’ll have the opportunity to nap while my 1-year-old naps!? I’m not gonna pass that up people! Hopefully, this will be a place for me to share stories, get advise and have a laugh or two. All during nap time! Speaking of, I just heard the familiar sound of a binky being thrown from the crib onto our wood floors…. back to reality. I was starting to miss the little guy 🙂


4 thoughts on “Official

  1. Bev Demory says:

    LOVE IT ALLI !! I Nap time is the Best and, I believe, most important time in a mom’s life. That’s why I kept nap time going until all of you girls (and the kids I babysat) were 4 yrs old. Yup, I really did. Even if you all said you didn’t want to go to sleep (emphatically said “I’m not going to sleep, I’m not tired…” 90 seconds later… ZZZZZZ. It daily kept my sanity and gave me time for all of those same reasons you mentioned, plus bookkeeping, even back then.

    Good for you. I love that you will be keeping a journal, so to speak, of ideas and things to look back on to be thankful for and to just see the progress of the life God’s given you. Go for it!

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