Oh October, where did you go?

Somewhere about the middle of the month I was supposed to start referring to my baby(ok, toddler, whatevs) as a 13 month old but could never bring myself to do it. Me, have a toddler? It just seems wrong.

He started this new thing. I think it’s called snuggling? I wouldn’t know since my child has never enjoyed this activity. Coming from the baby who got the nickname Houdini after he escaped from EVERY type of swaddle we could find. The kid could get out of a straight jacket, I’m almost positive. I guess I can’t even go far enough to call it snuggling… He will go get a book ,walk(yes, walk) over to me and sit right down in my lap. If I could explain the emotions that I feel when he actually chooses to sit with me I would, but I’m not sure it’s possible. It’s the single most greatest thing I think he could ever do to make me feel like I’m doing a good job and being his Mom. It usually doesn’t last very long, but I’ll take it!!

Today is Halloween. I can not believe it. If today is Halloween, then that means tomorrow is November 1st, which means that Sunday is my husband’s birthday. I always seem to forget get distracted with other things around BJ’s birthday. He’s always gone doing worship at an FCA retreat over his bday weekend, which always tricks me into believing I’ve got more time to plan something since it will have to be the week after. Right? Wrong. This year he said Sunday would be fine to celebrate on his actual birthday even though he will just be getting back in town. Whoopsies! I’ve got some planning to do. But, not today as he’s sitting on the couch right next to me having his quiet time. He never needs to know… 🙂

Back to Halloween…

In my family, we did not celebrate Halloween growing up. We were able to dress up in a homemade costume(the oversized yellow sweatshirt with horizontal lines made of electrical tape was my favorite. Hello, I was a bee. Duh! Love you Mom) and we would go to the Fall Harvest Party at church. Basically, a carnival and at the end you would get candy. Not a pillowcase, or even a plastic shopping bag full of candy. Just a brown paper lunch sack about 1/4 of the way full of tootsie rolls and dumdums. I’ll be honest, it was a bummer. We didn’t go to school on Halloween either. Back then, the classes would do spooky parties and make a witch’s brew in a big black cauldron (at least Mrs. Shillito’s class did for 1st grade. Jenny Finkle told me so). I always remember that being fun. Getting to “skip” school. I remember doing fun fall activities like going to the pumpkin patch or horse back riding. It was some special time for my sister Melissa and I to spend the day with my mom while my oldest 2 sisters were at school(Suckers!! They don’t celebrate in Jr High and High school).

Now here I am with this child of my own on Halloween. Luckily, I think I’ve got a couple more years for BJ and I to figure out exactly what Halloween will look like for out family in the future. But, is it so bad that I wanna take him out because he’s just so darn cute!

I mean, who wouldn’t want to give this guy a pillowcase full of candy!?

Happy Halloween!!


3 thoughts on “HalloWhat!?

  1. Erin Sapienza says:

    Alli, I totally remember staying home w/ mom on Halloween! After my first Halloween experience in Kindergarten scared me and the neighbor next door totally freaking me out when mom and dad took me trick or treating, I think they decided that Halloween was a bad idea. Sorry I ruined it for the rest of you. It stinks being the oldest and the “guinea pig.” 🙂 Love you guys. Tell BJ Happy Bday for me!!! BIG hugs for you guys!
    Btw: I LOVE reading your posts.

  2. Mom says:

    Thanks for defending my craziness, Erin, with the original excuse (which was true that you were so small and so scared that first time we took you out,) but honestly we didn’t think anything was lacking for attending the Fall Harvest Party instead of the usual. I didn’t remember the candy “stash” being so inadequate but I probably wasn’t paying attention since I was on the “buying it” side instead of on the “getting” it side 🙂 I DO remember the costumes were quite a bit lacking, but I did the best I could and thought you all looked adorable. There was a lot more paranoia back then, to things that aren’t as important now. I’m glad I’ve calmed down a bit. Altho I did always love the outings and time together. NOW I enjoy see the costumes on all the little ones as we walked around the mall., these past 3 yrs. I guess I’m growing up…

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