Do you ever get overwhelmed with emotions? I don’t mean the kind that come after you’ve had a long day and you just can’t take any more and you break down. I’m familiar with those, but tonight was unlike those nights.
It was past bedtime and I knew my little man needed to go straight to bed(we had been at Hobby Lobby. Every boys dream). He will go from crabby maniac to the happiest kid on the planet in a matter of seconds. He knows that when we’re walking up the steps(and he’s waving goodnight to the dogs-it’s seriously the cutest) he’s going to be getting in his jammies in a matter of seconds and he can not contain himself. He will be squealing with joy and talking up a storm while I’m changing him for bed. Out of nowhere we are having more fun than we’ve had all day and I don’t even want to put him to bed anymore(what am I nuts!??)!

If it weren’t for the fact that Hudson loves to sleep and was reaching for his blanket, I think we’d still be up having a blast. Ok, never mind, it’s almost 10:30. We definitely would’ve stayed up past 8! I mean, look at the kid. Darling!


As soon as he’s got his blanket he’s all snuggles. For about 30 seconds. Then he’s wrestling to get to his crib. He blew me a few kisses and waved goodnight. It was the perfect ending to my day.
The reality of how quickly his first year has gone and how much I love this little boy has overwhelmed me tonight. I feel like last week was his first time sleeping in his room as an 8 week old and now it seems like he’s saying “I got this Mom. I can put myself to sleep” as he waves from his crib.

Here’s where the it all gets me.
I’m in awe that the Lord would give me such an incredible little boy to raise. I’m overwhelmed with the fact that He trusts me with someone so special. I am raising a World Changer and I know it. It is the most exciting and terrifying truth. And tonight, it’s keeping me awake.
Maybe I’ll peek in on him just one more time….



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