A real Christmas

Merry belated Christmas! I can NOT believe it’s already over. This year’s Christmas season was a blur. Maybe because my child is somewhat of a blur these days. I’m excited to say, I’m writing this post from my very own iPad! Holler! Santa was nice this year(and got zero % financing at NFM).


And my sweet family got me all the fun stuff to go with it!! I am blessed!


I’ve got a secret… we didn’t buy Hudson any gifts this year. NONE! Are we terrible parents? Before you start judging, let me explain.
He’s 15 months old. Still very much interested in things that look like fun but, in reality, are dangerous. Stairs, silverware, the dog’s kennel(the smell alone is hazardous). I knew he would be more interested in the wrapping paper than anything else. I was right. I also knew he would be getting plenty from everyone else in our family. Right again(I try not to make a habit of that but…) A megablocks table, a GIANT stuffed monkey, lots of books, some new bath toys, a rocking horse, a stuffed elephant and he’s got more coming. I figured it’s probably the last year we can get away with not getting him anything. For the rest of our lives. That’s a long time people. And when we have another baby we won’t be able to do the whole no gifts thing because we’ll have a toddler that will wonder why Santa didn’t bring his little sibling any presents. I’ve thought this thru.

I also really want to be careful not to let gifts become what Christmas is about. I was the kid who was counting all the gifts and would throw a fit if anyone had more than me. If I had more, it was somehow ok. I’m not saying I don’t want my kids to get excited about gifts and all that goes with that, I LOVE surprises and I think it’s fun to have a few gifts to look forward to. But I want it to be about more than that. I want them to be just as excited(if not more) about giving as they are about receiving. More than anything, I’d really like for them to realize what a great gift we’ve been given.

I don’t want the Christmas story to be about a cute little baby(although I’m sure he was darling) being born in a nice clean stable with kind looking cattle and donkeys looking over Mary’s shoulder admiring Him. I feel like I’m just beginning to wrap my head around the idea of Christmas and what that really means. First of all, I did the whole “natural childbirth” thing but I ain’t got nothin on Mary. That woman(only a girl, really) should get some serious props! I was in a nice jacuzzi for majority of my labor with the option of some drugs at any moment(at least that’s what they told me. Liars.) not some old, smelly cold shack with a bunch of animals wondering what the heck is going on probably making a ruckus. Jesus was born into filth(literally). He came into a world full of ruin and hatred, to be Emmanuel, GOD with us. God with me. Love came down that night. The truest love we will ever know, came down from heaven to be WITH us. The Rescuer that God promised came. As a tiny baby boy to save you and me and to make ALL things new again!! I don’t know about you, but that gets me very time.

That’s what I want Christmas to be about. That’s really what I want life to be about.


3 thoughts on “A real Christmas

  1. Bonnelle says:

    No you aren’t a terrible parent. We’ve never gotten the kids much. Some of that is due to money but at the same time I never wanted it to be about the gifts they get from us. I always wanted Christmas to be about the greatest gift of all… Jesus’ birth & how He gave up EVERYTHING to come be with us. I hate how the enemy makes me feel guilty for not giving tons of gifts (happens every year). Hopefully though… I’ve made Christmas special in other ways (like meals together or spending time together watching Christmas movies). Guess I should get my kids’ thoughts & get back to you on that. 😉

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