T-shirt & TOMS

Well Hellooooo Spring!!!
I have been waiting so long for you to arrive. Pease don’t make me wait so long next year. Or ever again for that matter. I really don’t think I can stand it.

I have SO been looking forward to Huddy being able to play outside. I mean really play. He has been too, he just doesn’t know it. There is nothing like a little boy in a T-shirt and TOMS. I can hardly stand the cuteness!
This kid is ALL boy(Lawdy, help me Jesus)! And this Mama has been needing sunshine and fresh air since we celebrated baby Jesus(Any one else think Christmas needs to be moved to the middle of Feb? I can hardly stand it!!)
We played at the park for a little bit this afternoon and he all but squealed he was so excited to go down the slide! He climbed right up, sat down and did little baby booty scoots till he got to the edge and went right down. No hesitation. No need for his mother’s help(tear). He even fell over at the end and got right back up and asked for more!




He is just like his Daddy! Not only is he all about adventure and having a good time(which I like to think I contribute to a little as well), but a little bit of those OCD tendencies have been starting to show themselves here and there. Today it was making sure all the rock pieces that had made their way onto the playground equipment were thrown put back in place. His longing looks toward the slide were quickly interrupted once he realized there were more pieces to take care of. First things first.

Thought I’d have to coax him through this one, which I was not looking forward to(can we say claustrophobic!?)


Not at all! The kid couldn’t crawl through fast enough!


I am learning something new every day being this little man’s Mommy. Sometimes things like, I didn’t know I could possibly love him more, or that the sound of “Mom-ay” could make me feel so fulfilled. Sometimes it’s realizing how little patience I have, and WOW. I didn’t think his poop could smell worse than yesterday.
I am so excited to see more and more of his personality this year.
Summer time, here we COME!!!



2 thoughts on “T-shirt & TOMS

  1. Carrie Rollins says:

    Oh my GOODNESSS!
    #1-I am SO excited to read your blog! When I was talking about mine the other day, I didn’t even ask if you had one! How cool!!!
    #2 Hudson is absolutely PRECIOUS! How could you ever say no to THAT face?!?
    #3 Raylan has those same Toms! Totally adorable!

    So excited to read your blog now! (I’m totally a blog stalker…..for reals)

    • Hey Carrie!!! We didn’t talk about my blog because I hardly post on here!! Wish I did it more!! I tend to get in blog stalking mode as well, so there’s no judgement here!!:)

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