Goodbye Summer, Hello 2 year old

Man, it has been awhile! This has definitely been one of the craziest seasons of life thus far, but it has also been one of the best.
Summer was an absolute blur, and as much as I love Fall I’m already a little sad because I know Winter is just around the corner and will last almost a whole year. Or at least it will feel like a whole year.

BJ and I made some FANtastic memories with some of our best friends and went to Mexico(shout out to Susan, Zane, Blake & Mackenzie!!) I still can not believe that this actually happened. Unreal! 2016 friends?




We relaxed, ate too much food, had “the drink of the day”(every day), read books, got a tan, laughed a lot, kayaked, ate more food, took naps, laughed even more and then woke up one morning and it was time to come home to reality. Which was actually pretty exciting for me. I was ready to see my Huddy man! I may have looked at pictures and videos of him the whole week we were gone…just so I wouldn’t forget the sound of his sweet little whiney voice.


That sweet boy turned 2 in September and it just feels absolutely wrong to me. I’m only 19 right?(denial) This kid is an absolute joy and even that is an understatement. I love everything about him and could squeeze him every 10 minutes if he’d allow it! He prays for his favorites every night before bed(including grapes) and wakes up ready to hit the ground running at 5:45am(we’re working on that). I love how much he loves his friends and family and is THE perfect combination of strong willed and compassionate already. He is one of the best people I’ve ever known at the ripe age of 2 and I love that I get to call him my son.


Being a Mom has been a constant reminder of how Jesus loves me. When I’m happy, sad, mad, impatient, whining, wondering “why?” I realize I’m a lot more like my toddler than I’d like to admit and I’m encouraged to let it all go and in return am handed extra grace. Who does that?? He is so good to me.
Thanks God.

Ready or not, it’s all happening faster than I’d like so I’d better figure out a Halloween costume. (Suggestions and costumes available to borrow are welcome and encouraged)


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