2013 recap

Another year is over. How does that happen so fast? I remember when Summer break used to feel like it was just as long as the whole school year and now a whole year of my life feels like the blink of an eye! Craziness.
2013 was a great year with lots going on. We started leading worship at our Lifegate Papillion campus. We welcomed another sweet girl into the family when my sister Rachel had baby Rowyn. (Who has now won the title of cutest chubby cheeks ever award!)


We lost a great woman when my Grandma passed away. But it turns out, raising 12 girls and a boy leaves a woman pretty sassy even into her 80’s! She left wonderful stories and memories of her spunkiness and love for sports. Go Cubs, Go!!

I was able to switch my schedule around at work to begin leading worship in our young adults group, Converge, alongside my handsome hubby and I am loving every minute of it!

We started Lifegroups at Lifegate(see what we did there?) and have the honor of leading one together in our home. It’s amazing how God knew exactly what we needed even when we couldn’t see it ourselves. I don’t know why that still surprises me, He does it all the time! Those people will be lifelong friends and I feel so blessed!

BJ and I celebrated 4 years of marriage! I still can not believe he picked me to be his wife. Especially since I was slightly obsessed with him from afar and sounded like a complete dork every time we spoke due to lack of breathing in his presence. Turns out, he’s a big dork too so it all ended up working out! Surprise surprise…

We had a great getaway with friends to Mexico with memories we will never forget and a tan line to prove it(yes, I still have a tiny bit of tan left in this 4 degree weather).

Hudson turned 2 and is successfully potty trained! The kid waits until the last possible minute and confuses poop with pee but we have had some deep conversations while he sits on the toilet(from what I can understand anyway). We have only had to throw away one pair of underwear which bummed BJ out more than anything. I’ve been looking for adult sized Batman underwear ever since…too much information?

BJ’s brother, Jimmy and his wife, Mireya from Tucson came for a week long visit over Christmas and stayed in our home. We seriously enjoyed having them and were hoping they would leave with the desire to move here one day. Our freezing cold temperatures made sure that will never happen.

I finally got my KitchenAid mixer!!! There will be lots of sweets in my future(and probably all of yours too…)
We were a part of one of the best Christmas Eve services Lifegate has had and I had the honor of ending the services singing my favorite Christmas classic O Holy Night in a room lit by candles. I’m still in awe….
The year ended around all of our favorite people(Lifegroup shoutout!) eating delicious food, playing games that the girls totally kicked butt at and a midnight toast! Hooray!
I couldn’t have asked for a better year. It’s another chapter in our Story and a reminder that God is good and faithful. I enter 2014 expectant for Him to move me out of my comfort zone so that I can cling to Him even more. Reminded that He has walked my road and He understands. I’m looking forward to loving myself and others like He does and kicking fear, anxiety and stress in the butt!
Bring on 2014!!!!


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