It has been quite a year already and it’s not even March yet. The Lord is so good and has been speaking to my heart more clearly than ever. I would highly recommend the book Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.

I’m pretty sure it was written just for me, but I’m sure everyone can get a little something out if it too 😉 It’s just a paragraph or two a day written from Jesus’ perspective. So good, people!
So, there is a reoccurring theme in the book about Peace. We’re all familiar with the word. My husband says it almost every time he ends a conversation on the phone(he’s so cool). I immediately relate it to a battle. And the all too familiar RIP. I’ve grown up hearing the word a lot, but have come to the realization that I don’t think I’ve ever known peace. Im talking Peace that passes ALL understanding kinda peace. I’m not saying my life is in constant turmoil, that is far from the truth, but the more I’m reading about enjoying peace in His presence the more I’m realizing maybe I need a refresher on what peace really means.
There are several definitions for peace(too many if you ask me). One of them is:: freedom of the mind from annoyance, distraction, anxiety, an obsession, etc.
It is possible to become obsessed with tomorrow. With the future. Obsessed is a strong word, it goes beyond distraction and anxiety and consumes your every thought. I’ve been there many times and the kicker is, I’m usually obsessing over something good!! A desire of my heart! I will become so focused on something, that I don’t even leave room for The Lord and completely lose sight of His will for me. Tell me I’m not alone here people! Now how in the world do I expect to feel peaceful when my mind is constantly in overdrive and I’ve left no room for Jesus?? I’m convinced He’s speaking to me, like all throughout the day trying to talk to me, I just haven’t turned the thought volume down enough to hear, let alone listen.

Which brings me to a second definition of peace:: silence; stillness.
I don’t know about you, but I often expect The Lord to show up in really grand ways. I mean He’s God, for goodness sake! “Did you see that Hudson? I swear those clouds spell yes! Thank You Jesus!!” Don’t get me wrong, I fully believe He could and does use the clouds. But, I believe He uses the calm and the quiet on the regular. At least for me. I’ve been missing this for years. Taking my thoughts captive and quieting my voice in my head has made a huge difference in even the last couple of weeks. Renewing my mind and reminding myself He knows those desires of my heart has started to become a new way of thinking for me. My mind has begun to shift from obsessing over a distraction/fear/disappointment to finding quiet, still moments and really listen to Him. Giving Jesus room to speak to me before I jump the gun and hop on the anxiety train!
I’m excited and encouraged to look for the moments where I can quiet myself before The Lord, hear what He’s saying and know true Peace.


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